All of the information on the 2024 SoFi NBA Play-In Tournament

The 2024 SoFi NBA Play In Tournament

Teams with the seventh through tenth-highest winning percentages in each conference will compete in the 2024 SoFi NBA Play-In Tournament, which will take place April 16–19.

The 2024 SoFi NBA Play In Tournament
The 2024 SoFi NBA Play In Tournament

The Play-In Tournament, sponsored by SoFi, is an event in the NBA that determines the teams occupying the seventh and eighth playoff seeds in each conference for the 2024 NBA playoffs.

When is the Play-In Tournament? The Play-In Tournament is scheduled to take place from Tuesday, April 16, to Friday, April 19. These games occur after the conclusion of the regular season and before the commencement of the first round of the NBA playoffs.

How does the Play-In Tournament work? The teams finishing 7th to 10th in the standings of each conference enter the Play-In Tournament. Here’s how it unfolds:

  1. The 7th-ranked team hosts the 8th-ranked team in each conference. The winners claim the 7th seed in the playoffs, while the losers receive another opportunity to secure a playoff spot.
  2. Simultaneously, the 9th-ranked team hosts the 10th-ranked team in each conference. The victors progress to the next stage of the Play-In Tournament, while the defeated teams are eliminated.
  3. The losers of the 7th vs. 8th matchups host the winners of the 9th vs. 10th matchups. The winners of these games earn the 8th seed in the NBA playoffs for their respective conference, while the losing teams are eliminated.

Which teams will participate in the Play-In Tournament? As of April 6, if the regular season had concluded, the matchups would be as follows:

Western Conference

  • (7) Pelicans vs. (8) Lakers
  • (9) Kings vs. (10) Warriors

Eastern Conference

  • (7) Heat vs. (8) 76ers
  • (9) Bulls vs. (10) Hawks

How can I watch the Play-In Tournament on television? TNT and ESPN will jointly broadcast all six games of the Play-In Tournament. The specific game and broadcast schedule will be announced once finalized.

When are the NBA playoffs? The schedule for the 2024 playoffs is as follows:

  • April 16-19: SoFi NBA Play-In Tournament
  • April 20: NBA Playoffs Presented by Google Pixel commence
  • May 6-7: Conference semifinals start (potential move up to May 4-5)
  • May 21-22: NBA Conference Finals Presented by Google Pixel begin (possible move up to May 19-20)
  • June 6: NBA Finals 2024 Game 1
  • June 9: NBA Finals 2024 Game 2
  • June 12: NBA Finals 2024 Game 3
  • June 14: NBA Finals 2024 Game 4
  • June 17: NBA Finals 2024 Game 5 (if necessary)
  • June 20: NBA Finals 2024 Game 6 (if necessary)
  • June 23: NBA Finals 2024 Game 7 (if necessary)

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